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Together with our partners, RDB Esports organizes both off- and online tournaments on PS4 and Xbox to give young talents a stage to perform and shine.

Our talent scouts are actively scouting for players on those tournaments. So play your best FIFA in order to convince our talent scouts you have got what it takes to become a future esports player.

Interested to host a FIFA Tournament?
If you are the owner of an establishment and you are interested to host a FIFA Tournament it is often difficult to determine where to begin. There are many variables to consider like costs, marketing, set-up and prizes.

Running a cafe is enough work as it is! The many unknowns about hosting an esports tournament are potential reasons to keep you from organizing it.

We want to promote our sport and help it grow, local establishments are easily accessible and have the potential to be talentpools. That is why RDB Esports wants to help out.

Please get in contact and fill out our contact form or sent a DM on Twitter.

Agenda 2020

January 17th
FIFA20 Koppeltoernooi Café Duijn SpierdijkSignup here