Announcement: FIFA20 2vs2 tournament

Together with Café Duijn we organize a FIFA20 2vs2 tournament on January 17th. On this evening a maximum of 16 teams, all existing of local players, will fight for the title and prizes! We start in four groups and move on to knockouts best of 1.

The tournament will be played using the regular (non FUT) teams from the game. In the beginning of the evening their will be a draw where teams are tied to clubs.

One of the main goals of RDB Esports is finding talented players. Our strategy to do so contains different approaches, one of them is scouting talents at tournaments. It offers us the opportunity to see players perform under pressure and in a competitive way.

Information and signup
Location: Café Duijn Spierdijk, Spierdijkerweg 111, 1641 LW Spierdijk
Entry fee: € 15,- / team